Picture of two girls drawing with crayons.

Play Cousins Collective

Building villages around our children.

Play Cousins Collective is a Black-led, intergenerational collective of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins (and play cousins!) building villages of support around our children. Everyone can bring something to the cookout; what will you bring?

Our Mission

To build villages around 
our children.

Our Vision

A world where children are 
free to live, play, and prosper.

Play Cousins Collective is weaving a quilt of interconnectedness between extended kin. Our members, who we lovingly refer to as Play Cousins, inherit a community where the full spectrum of Blackness is cherished and celebrated. We provide meaningful children’s programming at community events and meetings using lesson plans crafted by Play Cousins Collective’s trained staff. Lessons include STEM, art, music, games, and more, all centered around books and activities featuring characters of color. Our programming supports an active citizenry where parents can organize and advocate for their families without experiencing the barrier of childcare. We know that within our own communities lie the answers and resources we have been longing for and together we can create or find what we need.

Circle Time

Program to help parents monitor their child’s early development and ensure they’re on track kindergarten success.

Homeschool CoOp

Program to help parents monitor their child’s early development and ensure they’re on track kindergarten success.

Play & Learn Labs

Educational children’s programming for community and school events.

Tummy Time

Support Circle for parents who are pregnant and/or raising infants 0-2 years old of African descent.

Soul Sisters 
Healing Circle

Healing Circle for women of African heritage co-facilitated by Black female mental health care providers.

Healing Brother

Healing Circle for men of color to share their collective experiences.

Tween Tenacity

Tween Tenacity is a support circle for parents of tween age children ages 11-14.

Coming of Age

Coming Of Age is a support circle for parents of teenage children ages 15-18. 

Elementary Innovation

Parents and children ages 6-10 gather monthly while children engage in Play Cousins programming while adults share their experiences, resources and needs around parenting.


This Play and Learn Lab for youth 7-12 years old focuses on helping our children heal from ACEs.


Play Cousins has been community, sisterhood, ancestral, love, enrichment, and a home away from home!!! Thank you guys for being who you are. I am because you are!!!!