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Circle Time

From their first month to six years old, your child is developing skills that set the foundation for lifelong success. By doing some fun, simple activities together and filling out a questionnaire (ASQ), you’ll be able to monitor your child’s early development and make sure they’re on track. ASQ makes it easy for you to understand how your child is developing. It identifies their strengths and provides activities to help them as they continue to learn. If your child needs assistance in a particular area, you’ll receive information about resources and support that can assist them. If you’re a new parent, sign up to take the the questionnaire today!

Parent Network

The Play Cousins Collective Family Network is for parents and caregivers of African American children. Together we share resources and opportunities for families in and near Louisville, KY. Although we engage families of all ages we recruit families for our Ages and Stages program through this group.The Ages and Stages program is geared toward parents of children ages 0-5 years old and helps prepare them for kindergarten. Join today!

Family Play Dates

Member of Play Cousins Collective are invited to a bi-monthly community Playdate. Joining the Play Cousins Collective Family Network means you're invited to party with the family every other month at our play dates! Here we model positive and gentle child-rearing practices while building lifelong friendships and villages of support! Some of our favorite places to party are the Science Center, KMAC museum, and local events and attractions. If you live in California, Russell or Park Hill and you participate in our Ages and Stages program you can qualify for free admission during our play dates! Sign up for Ages and Stages and become a Play Cousin today!

Parent Cafes

Our bi-monthly parent cafes celebrate African American families. Here we recognize ancestral methods of resilience and healing. We aim to make great strides in healing generational trauma by celebrating what works, being transparent about our challenges and leading with positivity and love. During our Parent Cafes we celebrate the research backed KY Strengthening Families protective factors and relate them to the African American experience and Ancestral Methods of healing and resilience. Join us to share what works for your family and learn some new parenting and life hacks! You may wind up doing the electric slide and sharing your Aunties favorite recipe too! Join the village! 

PROGRAMS PAGE Circle Time (Ages Stages).

Have questions about Circle Time?

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