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It takes a whole village to raise a child

-Nigerian Proverb
Image of staff member at a table with books and doll.
Image of child drawing on chalkboard

How We Started

PCC formed in 2017 by a small group of concerned parents. They sought guidance on gentle child-rearing, wanted support on healing from generational trauma, desired more connection with other parents, and were eager to participate in community meetings, but needed childcare at meetings in order to fully engage. They began meeting together to discuss the community they wanted to create: a community centered on healthy villages of support for Louisville’s Black families. PCC formed to serve as a foundation for those goals. Parents from the first PCC meetings are now PCC staff, volunteers, and members.

What We Do

Play Cousins Collective shares positive and gentle child rearing techniques that serve to liberate and heal us from generational wounds and traumas. We believe that families and communities can be healed through intentional parenting and self-love. Through our programs, adults in our village gain the healing tools needed to become pillars of strength and resource; and children receive the guidance needed to become lifelong learners.

Image of staff member an two children drawing


Play Cousins has been community, sisterhood, ancestral, love, enrichment, and a home away from home!!! Thank you guys for being who you are. I am because you are!!!!



Meet the Team

Board Members

Michelle Pennix, Chair

Principled Pennix

Robin Harrington, Treasurer 

IvyTech Community College 

Brandy Kelly Pryor

BKP Strategies

Jasmine Presley

The Presley Post 

Robin Hawkins Faulkner

Louisville Metro Goverment

Renesha Martin

Martin & Muir Counseling

Dr. Terri Davenport

Early Childhood Compliance & Comprehensive Services Specialist, JCPS

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