The Mizizi Homeschool Co-op serves to support African American home-schooling parents and their children. We are a grassroots effort founded to provide families with the tools they need to successfully home-school their children.



Together we are setting goals that exceed the traditional markers for our child’s educational attainment and working together to bring out their full potential. We believe that by educating our children on Pan-African history and current events they will begin to see themselves as key players in their world. They need to know that this world belongs to them, and that they are change makers who wield control over their own destiny. Click below to make sure you and your child are prepared for programming at Mizizi. 

Get Involved!

By inviting homeschooled children into learning cohorts with Black educators and volunteers our students get the best of both worlds, homeschooling and group learning. Parents and volunteers receive training on gentle child-rearing practices, effective methods of education and socialization, and on ideas and resources for leading and planning their homeschooler’s education.


We are always in need of more volunteers to support our classrooms or offer educational opportunities. Submit a volunteer Application below to volunteer as a guest educator or teacher assistant.


Membership payments are due by the 15th of each month and accrue based on your child's class schedule. 

Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes

Decode Program $15 monthly

Science Class $15 monthly

Our Story $15 monthly 

4th - 6th grade class

Reflections Reading Class $25 monthly

7th - 11th grade classes

Pan- African Literature Class $25 monthly

Entrepreneurship Class $25 monthly

Contact Us

Tauheedah El-Saadiq

Mizizi Administrator

502 414-3762 


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