Tween Tenacity 

Tween Tenacity is a support circle for parents of tween age children ages 11-14. Parents and children will gather monthly. Youth will be engaged in Play Cousins programming while adults share their experiences, resources and needs around parenting. Youth at this age experience monumental shifts in brain development and reach physical, emotional and social milestones. Youth may experience periods of self-doubt and will gravitate to greater independence. The opinions of the people around them will be more important than before so creating an environment that is supportive and healthy is imperative. Grappling with consumerism, individualism, gender, sexual identity and societal norms (be they healthy or not) will be a challenge during these years. Maintaining an open and honest relationship while facilitating healthy growth and independence in your child is key. Join our parent support group to brainstorm and share information around these issues and more.