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Play & Learn Labs

Play Cousins Collective offers Play & Learn Labs at local community and school events. Our Labs provide engaging, educational children’s programming for youth so that parents can fully engage in shaping their community for the better. When you schedule PCC for your meeting, youth in your village will enjoy a literacy-based lesson plan featuring games, art, and discussion. We can also create a lesson around the theme of your event. 


Youth who participate in Play Cousins programming will learn effective communication skills, self-regulation techniques, and respect for self and others. Our programs are designed to support and enrich the social and emotional intelligence of children. As children problem solve by asking questions and testing hypotheses, they will perfect their own scientific theories and ideas about the world we live in. Self-love is the current running through all of our programming. Every Play and Learn lab is built to teach children how important and amazing they are. It is our duty to affirm that anything they aspire to is possible with hard work and imagination. 


PCC has provided Labs for the Louisville Urban League, Books & Breakfast Louisville, Urban Strategies, University of Louisville Pediatrics, Muhammad Ali Center, Kentucky Science Center, Jefferson County Public Schools, AMPED, and many more.

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