If your child's behavior is causing a distraction they will be asked to go to the calm down corner with an adult. They will be prompted to complete a behavior sheet to process their emotions and a note to the parent will be written. Incident reports are written when a behavior causes harm to students.

​Processing sheets and incident reports aid us in our ability to address a child's behavior. When an issue becomes evident a meeting with the parent will be scheduled so we can create a reasonable action plan. After 3 parent meetings attempting this plan, the board will evaluate the child's experience, then a representative of the board will meet with the parent to assess the child's ability to continue programming.



Good behavior is rewarded via our prize box for Red, Black and green tribes. Prizes are given out of view from other children and as children are leaving. We do this so there is not jealousy and tears, and so that a cognitive bridge between good behavior and reward is built, without negatively impacting children who are not yet at the leadership level we aspire for them.


At Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op we refrain from using the word "BAD" with children. We reframe negative behaviors as miscalculations and missed opportunities to act as a leader. We then ask them to recalculate or exhibit more leadership like qualities for our other students to follow.

Parents are asked to complete an Individual care and academic plan (or ICAP) for their children so staff and volunteers at Mizizi can provide the best Mizizi learning experience possible for their child.


Children attending the Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op join cohorts of youth determined by age or ability. Youth ages 2-3 are placed in the Yellow Tribe. Yellow tribe students should be potty training and walking before enrolling in the Mizizi program. Youth ages 4-6 are in the Red Tribe. Youth ages 7-10 are in the Black Tribe. Youth ages 11-13 are in the Green tribe.

The Mizizi Educational Enrichment program serves homeschooling and traditionally schooled children.

In order to enhance their social and emotional skills as well as invest in their knowledge of self, we have come together as parents to offer this program.

Mizizi shares the Pan-African experience through a positive lens by focusing on methods of healing and resilience in our communities throughout time and space. We are intentional about creating spaces that affirm and reflect the limitlessness, importance and power of our children and our people. 

Daily Agenda

  • Drop Off

  • Elder Permission, Libations, Black National Anthem, Ancestor of the week

  • Our Story 

  • Snack (during lesson)

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Lunch or Game time

  • Pick up 



The Mizizi educational enrichment  program is offered from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays on the JCPS calendar. We are in Lyle's Mall at 2600 West Broadway Louisville KY 40212, suite 205 

  • Wednesday and Friday Drop Off time is at 9:00 AM and Pick Up time is at 1:00 PM

  • After 1:10 parents are charged $1 a minute. The fee is added to the next month's tuition. 

  • Tuition for each class is $20 a session unless you pay by the month ($150 a $10 discount). Tuition is due in full before class begins.

  • Parent Meetings are held potluck style at Mizizi from 1-3 on select Sundays. Childcare is provided. 

  • Families are also invited to join in at our monthly Ages and Stages family Events.


Membership payments are $150 monthly,

or $20 per session

$50 monthly for second sibling

or $10 per session.

 $5 per session for additional siblings. ​

Payment is due before your child attends class. 


Payment is due before your child attends class. 



If your child has a temperature, is vomiting or exhibiting symptoms of any contagious illness, or if they have a contagious illness, please do not bring them to the program until they are considered non-contagious. If your child is unable to complete their lessons due to illness we will call

you and ask that you pick them up as soon as possible.

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