​Mizizi Homeschool Co-op

Parent Information

Together we are setting goals that exceed the traditional markers for our child’s educational attainment and working together to bring out their full potential. We believe that by educating our children on Pan-African history and current events they will begin to see themselves as key players in their world. They need to know that this world belongs to them and that they are change makers who wield control over their own destiny. Click below to make sure you and your child are prepared for programming at Mizizi. 

Class Schedule


Entrepreneurship Class

3:00 Mondays

Reading with Decode

10:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays



1:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays


Our Story: Ujamaa

2:30 Tuesdays & Thursdays


Reflections Reading Class

4:00 Tuesdays


Pan African Literature Class

3:00 Wednesdays


Classes begin September 14th 

Scholarships available

Rolling admission


Membership payments are due by the 15th of each month and accrue based on your child's class schedule. 

Kindergarten - 2nd-grade classes

Decode Program $15 monthly

Science Class $15 monthly

Our Story $15 monthly 

7th - 11th-grade classes

Pan- African Literature Class $25 monthly

Inquire about scholarship opportunities if needed. 


Marie Lewis

Jasmine Reed

Jo’Cari Beattie

Lailah Hampton El

LaToya Whitlock