Each Play and Learn Lab that Play Cousins Collective provides includes: art, literature, games and learning activities tailored to the needs of the children in attendance. It is our mission to provide attentive, gentle and creative programming to our community. We believe that all children deserve the absolute best to cultivate their unique talent and genius!

Our space is created and run by the the Innovative Youth Advocate Team. These team members consist of well trained Parents, Aunties and Uncles who have completed a vetting process including a background check, interview, and Play Cousins Collective training. They have committed themselves to building the village needed to keep our children safe, strong and successful in today’s world. Their innovative ideas lend to STEM based curriculum, creative and educational games as well as joyful storytelling and artistic experiences for youth.


Because we are building a family and a village, the IYA team members are invited to bring their children to work engagements. These children also set the tone for positive behaviors, a love for learning and safe and fun play. Children brought by our team members in no way influence your invoice, and children invited are kept well under state regulated child-care ratios.

Youth who participate in Play Cousins programming will learn effective communication skills, self-regulation techniques, and respect for self and others. Our programs are designed to support and enrich the social and emotional intelligence of children. As we problem solve by asking questions and testing hypothesis, we will perfect our own scientific theories and ideas about the world we live in. Self love is the current running through all of our programming. Every Play and Learn lab is built to teach children how important and amazing they are. It is our duty to affirm that anything they aspire to is possible with hard work and imagination.


Through Play Cousins Collective children from all walks of life are introduced to a space where they are free; free to ask questions, free to move their bodies, and free to express themselves! We provide high-quality services that recognize the importance and immeasurable value of each child, and they are treated as such.


Join us in gifting these affirming and enriching spaces to the children in your community by inviting Play Cousins Collective to your next meeting or event. It is not only an investment in the work you are doing, but an investment in our future!