"And how are the children?"

-Masai Tribe



At Play Cousins Collective we are building villages around our children. 

We feel that a community is only as strong as the most vulnerable among it. By providing meaningful children's programming at community events and meetings we support an active citizenry where parents can organize and advocate for their families without experiencing the barrier of childcare. 


Within the communities we serve we are weaving a quilt of interconnectedness with extended kin, by practicing Ancestral methods of healing and resilience. Play Cousins members, or Play Cousins, inherit a community celebrating Black owned businesses, social activists, health care providers, tradesmen and women, and everyone in-between. We know that within our own communities lie the answers and resources we have been longing for and together we can create or find what we need. As we build sustainable thriving communities, we also work to heal as individuals and families.

Play Cousins Collective shares positive and gentle child rearing techniques that serve to liberate and heal us from generational wounds and traumas. We believe that families and communities can be healed through intentional parenting and self-love. We offer spaces that allow for a profound level of vulnerability and contentedness. Through programs like Tummy Time, Brother Healing Brother and our Parent Cafes, adults in our village are gaining the healing tools needed to become pillars of strength and resource.


All of us have healing to do, all of us have talents to share. By building multi-generational and inter-sectional Black spaces and community resources we are changing the face of community building.


Everyone can bring something to the cook out, what will you bring?


Kristen Williams

Executive Director



Development Manager



Chairman of the board